Maybelle’s Calligraphy Class

Last weekend I was incredibly lucky to be part of one of the most creative skills you could ever learn. The incredible part is that is was taught by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls.

Two calligraphy artists that I have always admired are Lauren Essl and Maybelle. I haven’t had the chance to attend Lauren’s class in New York but oh how privileged do I feel to have Maybelle come to my home town- Melbourne! She traveled all the way from her home in San Francisco to teach us through Megan Morton’s The School (I am mad about this school!)

The class was held at a lovely space called AllPress Studio in Collingwood. The moment we walked in, a beautiful tulip arrangement hung from the ceiling and greeted us. A florist named Phil had taken 7 hours to install it. When you see it, you’ll know why it took that long! The rest of the class was filled with Maybelle teaching us the art of writing and her tips and tools of the trade. She’s a softly spoken teacher that delivers heart-felt words just like her calligraphy style. There were plenty of moments where I kept saying “ahh..everything is sooo nice. I don’t wanna ruin it with my writing!” and cake eating. In fact, 5 layers of cake! Made by the same lovely Gemma Patford that taught me how to make rope vessels last summer.

Floral arrangement IMG_3926IMG_3965  IMG_3966

IMG_3964  IMG_3967 IMG_3968  IMG_3969 IMG_3970  IMG_3971


I’ve done 7 hours of calligraphy practice this week and feel completely consumed by this new skill. So I am experiencing shoulder pain but I look forward to illustrating more of my favourite quotes and writing beautiful lyrics that will inspire me to write music. I ‘m also excited for all my friends and family who will be receiving hand-written notes in their letterbox!

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One thought on “Maybelle’s Calligraphy Class

  1. Maybelle says:

    Hello Haily thank you so much for this. It means a lot that you shared your experience! I am happy that you have a new found passion! 10,000 hours will be here before you know it! Kindest regards, Maybelle

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